A new wine: Flieger – a single vineyard wine, which does not want one to be

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The German Word Flieger has got verious meanings. Basically it means airplane. Pilots are called Flieger as well and you shouldn’t confuse it with “having a flieger”, for this discibes a situation of beeing a bit more than tipsy.

So there is a Fliegerberg / “flyer hill”? Yes, this one does exist. The people from Jois call it that way and seldom use the official vineyard name Hackelsberg. The Hackelsberg is next to the Jungenberg and has a special exposition. The vineyards are not facing the lake, but they are oriented towards the north-west, which means they are facing the Leithagebirge. Thermics are very special and have been used for a couple of decades for the first gliding schools starting in the early 1930s.

The long and the short of it: The wine comes from the hill called Hackelsberg, which is regionally called Fliegerberg = flyer hill. Although it a single vineyard wine, the Flieger does not want to be a Hackelsberg, because of the legal regulations requiring filtration for example. So our Flieger takes off without filtration, official categorisation and all this.

The Flieger is a new wine for us , because the vineyards are new for us. New and old at the same time: The vines were planted decades ago into the pure schist rock and we onlg got the chance work with them since two years.

The vital old vines are holding stay firm against the strong northwest winds and fill the wine with a lot of energy.

The first vintage is a small adventure for us, for you it is simply enjoying an addition-free natural experience in your mouth. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to take off!

Want to get a bottle? Then head to www.jungenberg.at

You can find the wine description here: flieger21_eng

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