“It is as if a fool were to stomp on and break the tiles of his roof. Then when it starts to rain and the ceiling begins to rot away, he hastily climbs up to mend the damage, rejoicing in the end that he has accomplished a miraculous solution.“

Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution, 1975

Our approach to viticulture is an very unmodern one and the concept is “doing nothing if possible”. We let grass and herbs grow between the rows to save the soil from drying out and to build up humus and do as little as possible to avoid stress to plants and soil.

Our fields look different to neatly trimmed and properly cut vineyards you might know from fancy advertisments. Bees, butterflies and all kind of beneficial species have started to return give us an idea of natural beauty.

We prefer low interevention winemaking. Leaving barrels closed and in peace is more helpful than doing rackings and aerations all the time. Apart from that, we don’t use modern oenologic helpers such as selected yeast, enzyms, bacterias or finings.

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