Chardonnay vom Kalk – about saltiness and freshness

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The new vintage 2021 is bottled and already online available to order.

Our most famous white wine, who is extremely popular with our customers because of the great price-performance ratio, did not only change in the design. The symbol on the label comes from the depot of white wine which we pressed on paper, like we did for all our new labels. In this case it is the whole hand which is nearly fulfilling the whole label. This organic element is representing the way of thinking of our winery.Handmade, organic, real.

Aged in concrete and big oak, the new vintage is showing beside the change of the outside, also a change in the style. You could describe him as fresher and lighter but with the same saltiness and spice.

A wine made as a good food companion unites the subtle aromas of the Chardonnay with the elegance of the lime-rich clay soils around Jois.



Especially in the years of origin, this wine experienced a few significant changes. Everything started with the vintage 2006 where we aged a part of the vineyard Jungenberg in steel and bottled it as “Chardonnay vom Schiefer”. The vintages 2007 and 2008 were already from the foot of the Leithaberg and therefore we used the additional name “vom Leithagebirge”. We stopped this basically immediately again, because in this year the wine region “Leithaberg DAC” was created and the designation wouldn`t have been right anymore. In 2009 our phantasy left us and therefore we only had the word “Chardonnay” on the simple label. And as we got more plots on limestone soils in 2010, it was clear for us which name the wine should get in the future: “vom Kalk”. Since 2012 we not only use used Barrique barrels or stainless-steel tanks, also big oak barrels, 500 litre barrels, steel tanks and our concrete eggs are in use. The eggs especially for fermentation, which is since the first vintage spontaneously and without any yeast additives.

The Chardonnay vom Kalk is the counterpart to Blaufränkisch vom Kalk – which is our most important wine at all. And he is the small brother of Chardonnay Jungenberg, who comes not only from different soils, also ages one year longer in the cellar before bottling. Together Blaufränkisch and Chardonnay vom Kalk are building the base, the foundation of our appellation pyramid and are a big part of our yearly production.

Our winery is slowly but continuously growing. The grapes of the “vom Kalk”-series are coming from own vineyards. If not all “vom Kalk“-wines have the organic sign on the label, this means that we took over some plots not long ago and are still in the changeover time.

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