Harvest 2020 - about the highlight of the year - part1/2

 In Weinbau, Weingarten

The long waiting comes to an end – harvest 2020 started today!


With Neuburger a little bit later than usual. Because this wine year is special and the weather development during the last weeks let us feel tensed until the end. One is sure: we will give our best the fulfill the expectations and to keep the high level of quality from our previous vintages and maybe to exceed it with the one or the other wine.  Our team around Katrin Lautner is operating well together and the cellar is perfectly tidy and clean.


The harvest is not only the highlight of the wine year, but it is also really exhausting. We try to help us with good wine and music during this time.

We start with Happy from Pharell Wiliams during the ; during the cleaning and emptying the press we listen to Guns´n´Roses Appetite for Destruction and at the end of a hard da we play the 29-year-old almbum “Ten” from Pearl Jam with the matching song “Alive”. When the weekend or the night comes, we enjoy Pink Floyds first years or the black Nirvana album.

Of course, wine help us too: As eye-opener we got some lovely Pet Nats – fresher is not possible. But also, with other wines we are sorted with some good wines from our colleagues, which we exchanged during this hard year. However, we also have some drinkable wines in the cellar and the shop too.


About everything else – what we fermented in what way and when we harvested what – we will let you know. We are gone for now!

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