A day with Simonit & Sirch – with a great spirit into the new year

 In Weinbau

After our Christmas holiday we started super refreshed into the new year. Directly in the first week we had a visit of the team from Simonit & Sirch, who support us to get deeper into the method of “Gently Pruning”. Already last year we started with first steps in this topic and through this the professional consultation already entered fertile soil.


The collaboration is running now for one year. The consultation team was here to see our vineyards in three different times: in winter after pruning, in spring when the shoots break out and in summer shortly before harvest. They documented everything to explain us all necessary facts to change to the gently pruning.

We started into the Simonit & Sirch day in January with the theoretic part of gently pruning, where our whole vineyard team came together. Before we finally started to use our new knowledge in the vineyard, we discussed the documentations from last year and worked out any suggestions together. Under instructions, we then translated the theory into praxis.

For improving our work, the team will come another one or two times in the next weeks. Because every vineyard is individual and is asking for a different way of pruning. We must keep soil, location, variety, age of the vines and which kind of grapes we want to have in mind. As you can see, pruning is asking for lots of thinking and time.


Here you come to the blog post of last year, where we already explained an overview of the gently pruning: https://markusaltenburger.com/en_GB/die-sanfte-winterzeit-im-weinberg//

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