Let it grow, let it blossom, let it flow - about greenery in vineyards

 In Weinbau, Weingarten

Due to the current situation it is also more calm in our vineyards now. The most important work with our vines is done and we wait for the sprouting. But this doesn’t mean that there are no other things which are important. One of these were this week the sowing of greenery in  our vineyards.

But why do we work with greenery and what are the advantages for us? We have a nice biodiversity in our vineyards due to greenery, because different plants attract lots of different insects and they love our organic vineyards. The greenery also helps to improve the soil, because the plants root differently deep and this is loosen up the soil.  This is slowing down the soil compaction which comes up due to tractor work and protects against erosion.

Which seeds or plants do we use for the greenery? We work with organic seeds and we use different mixtures, depending on exposition and type of soil, because every location has different needs. Starting point is a mixture of different types of clover, grains but also wild herbs.

Now we have to wait until the seeds are sprouting and show a beautiful flower clover landscape between our rows of vines. But I would like to show you already how greenery looks after a few years. These are two pictures of greenery on Ladisberg which we sowed 3 years ago. And here you see Esparsette (left-rosé) and Crimson Clover (right-red) is still in our vineyards.


Autor: Katrin Lautner

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